Guest Post Guidelines

I’m always looking for authors, book designers, editors, and other professionals to share their wisdom with my readers.

Please be sure to follow my content and submission guidelines, or your email will be deleted. I reply to every submission that meets my guidelines, regardless of whether or not I accept it for publication, within seven business days.

Benefits of Guest Posting

  • Link back to your blog or website (maximum of one link in your bio and one in the text of the article)
  • Have your article promoted to my readers, newsletter subscribers, and 600+ social media followers
  • Retain full rights to your content (I only ask you wait seven days after your post goes live on my site before you repost it elsewhere.)
  • Previously published articles accepted
  • Earn 50 cents per 100 words for new, original articles I choose to publish

Content Requirements

  • All articles must relate to reading, writing, publishing, or marketing speculative fiction and use:
    • Clear, direct, and error-free prose
    • Friendly, positive, and helpful tone (“Do this” rather than “don’t do that”)
    • No more than 300 words per sub-heading
    • No more than four sentences per paragraph (fewer is better)
    • Short sentences wherever possible
    • Bullet-pointed lists wherever possible
  • Instructive articles should detail how to do what you’re describing, not merely what to do.
  • Articles must be 100% your own original content. Cite ideas that aren’t your own.
  • Include at least four outside links to reputable sources, unless you’re exclusively talking about your personal experiences.
  • Just don’t do anything that’s gonna get me sued or sent to jail, okay?
  • Be prepared for me to edit your article for spelling and grammar and/or send it back to you for revision.

Submission Guidelines

  • Email your submission to
  • Put “Guest Post: [your guest post title]” in the subject line
  • Include a brief summary of your article, your author bio, and any relevant information (qualifications, awards, favorite animal) in the body of your email
  • Attach the complete text of your article in a Word document

Topic Suggestions

This isn’t meant to limit you! If you think it fits with my blog, I’d love to read it. These are a jumping-off point for writers who want to contribute but don’t know what to write.

  • How-to guides
    • Design your own covers
    • Format the inside of an eBook
    • Choose a distributor
    • Query agents and editors
    • Craft a realistic fantasy language
    • Get your book into libraries or bookstores
    • Hire and work with freelance cover designers, editors, marketing companies, etc.
  • Reviews of author service providers
  • Book reviews
  • The # Resources I Couldn’t Write Without
  • Your daily/weekly writing schedule and productivity habits
  • The # Books Every Writer Should Read
  • Interview one of your author friends
  • Host a chat with other authors and write up what you learned (Get permission to quote the other participants.)