How to Recognize Racism & 12 Other Articles You Need to Read

February 1, 2017


How to Recognize Racism and 12 Other Articles You Need to Read

The month-end roundup is a list of all the works that enlightened me, challenged me, and made me laugh this month. It includes books, articles, and social media posts that might be relevant to my audience.

If you blog about books, writing, or self-publishing and would like a chance to be included in next month’s roundup, email me links to the coolest articles you publish next month. I can’t guarantee I’ll include them, but I read everything I receive.

This month, the roundup links fit into three categories: Writing, publishing, and reading. I listed them in alphabetical order by title.

The Best Articles about Writing I Read This Month

How to Beat the Imposter Syndrome Feeling – I started this category with an article that isn’t even about writing. Oh well. Read it anyway.

Justina Ireland’s Tumblr – Particularly the helpful examples she gave in answer to this question:

… let’s say my story involves a character who says something prejudiced or stereotypical, but that character won’t be in a position to be contradicted/learn better until much later in the story. How do I still convey that the character’s words are misguided? Or should I just avoid this scenario?

The Most Common Manuscript Malfunctions (and How to Avoid Them) – K. M. Weiland tells you how to fix five common errors before submitting your manuscript to an editor. It’s written with traditional publishing in mind, but every tip applies to self-publishers too. (Number two is my personal nemesis.)

Pacing and Momentum in Revision – April Bradley gives actionable tips for balancing action, tension, and relief to keep your readers’ attention.

Salla Simukka, author of AS RED AS BLOOD, on learning writing can be fun – This Q&A is a quick read. It won’t change your life, but it’s inspirational in a way that isn’t cheesy or condescending.

The Best Articles about Publishing I Read This Month

How to Sell Books Long Term: What Worked for Me – In her Bookworks guest post, Carole P. Roman shares six tips for book promotion that have helped her family become bestselling authors.

Q&A with Pronoun: An Increasing Competitive Ebook Distributor – Jane Friedman interviews Justin Renard, Pronoun’s head of marketing. Here’s the quote that makes it a #mustread (all sarcasm aside):

Pronoun works with independent authors to distribute and sell ebooks to the five major online retailers: Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play. Pronoun charges authors nothing upfront, and doesn’t take a cut of ebook sales either (emphasis mine).

Using Libraries to Boost Your Indie Publishing Business – In a guest post on The Creative Penn, Australian author Rachel Amphlett explains how to get libraries to order your self-published books.

The Best Articles about Reading I Read This Month

#DiversityBingo2017 Announcement + Recommendations (Part 1) – I love diverse books. I love reading challenges. I kind of hate bingo, but I’m willing to deal with it because of how much I love diverse books and reading challenges. Here’s Nagina, one of the hosts, on the rules:

There are 36 squares, each with a different diversity-centered prompt. All you have to do is find a book which corresponds to each of the topics and read it. Novels, comics, graphic novels, novellas and poetry collections all count towards this challenge. The only rule is that you cannot double-up on categories, you must read 36 different books to successfully have completed the board.

2017 Beat the Backlist – Another reading challenge! This one lines up well with my New Year’s resolution to get (and keep) my TBR under 20 books this year. I’m in.

This relatable tweet from The Book Nerd:

Dear YA, I Am Not A Savage – Read this before you read, promote, or (God forbid) purchase Carve the Mark.

How to Recognize Racism and Micro Aggressions in Books. Diversity Pandering, Cultural Appropriation, and “Savages” – If you are white and you read, write, and/or review books, you need to read this brief and accessible article by the Bookavid. Then read the articles she links to. Then consider supporting her on Patreon.

Things I Wish People Knew about Book Reviews – Yeah, I wasn’t sure where to put this one. AM’s 10 points are helpful for authors, who sometimes need to be reminded not to engage with reviewers, but I found them particularly useful when writing my own reviews.

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