About the Blogger

I’m Jazzi. I’m a science fantasy editor on a mission to help indie speculative fiction writers take over the world. Everything I learn along the way I share for free through my blog and email newsletter.

In my spare time, I’m an editor, novelist, transcriptionist, cat mom, and reality TV enthusiast. I read and review submissions for two of the most prestigious indie book awards, but I’m not allowed to say which ones. If there’s any time left in the day, I take fitness classes at the community center, cook vegan meals for omnivorous grad students, and set records for local escape rooms.

I have a degree in English literature from Indiana University and a background in project management, content marketing, and corporate writing. Thank God that’s over!


  • Book Reviews: Please see my guidelines for details.
  • Editing: I make good science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels fan-fucking-tastic. Get the details on my speculative fiction editing services page.
  • Guest Posts: I’m happy to host or swap posts. I’ll put together some guidelines eventually.
  • Interviews, Cover Reveals, and Other Promotional Posts: I’m happy to host promotional posts that provide some kind of value to my author audience. Posts that are purely for promotional purposes are reserved for my clients.
  • Troubleshooting: If your book isn’t selling and you don’t know why, shoot me an email. I’ll pinpoint the problem(s) for free. (You’ll have to fix it on your own.)

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