Editing Packages

I am first and foremost a speculative fiction editor. With both my feet firmly planted in the speculative fiction world, I’ve got the clearest view of what it takes to make your book stand out. I know the difference between a trope and a cliche, and I’ll point out the latter in your writing even if you just hire me to tidy up your commas.

I’m not just a fangirl who woke up one morning and decided to call herself an editor, either. I have a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and four years of corporate and academic editing experience. Plus, in the first four months of 2017 alone, I have edited over a dozen full-length novels.

Real Authors on How a Speculative Fiction Editor Made Them Better Writers

“She has a gift for consistency and point of view, and was able to create a style guide for my work-in-progress that has made it easier and more fun for me to keep track of my characters. She’s dedicated and reliable; it’s sometimes hard to keep track of people you hire over the internet, but I always knew where I stood with her. I feel like every time I wasn’t quite sure what I was trying to say, she was there to help me make sense.”
– Tori Curtis, Eelgrass

“Jazzi recently did a proofread for one of my upcoming books and WOW!!! she found so much! The book had already gone through a couple rounds of professional (and very good) editing … She’s meticulous at spotting out grammar mistakes and wrong word usage … She also gave me comments on what she thought worked well as well as parts that needed improvement– this really helps long-term, I find, and it’s pretty rare to get this type of feedback.”
– Rita Stradling, Ensnared

“Very easy to work with, excellent at spotting those pesky punctuation errors, and she works quickly. It was great to work with Jasmine, I’d definitely do it again!”
– Erin MacLeod, Haven

But my services are not for everyone.

The writers who benefit most from my help are 110% committed to building their author brands in a way that feels honest.

Everybody wants to get to the top of the bestseller list, but “my kind” of authors also want to genuinely connect with readers. They have a strong voice, the courage to be vulnerable, and (most importantly) a finished speculative fiction manuscript.

If you’re not up for hard work or honest feedback, I probably can’t help you. If you want an expert to tell you how to become the next [insert millionaire author name here], I definitely can’t help you. I prefer to focus on honing your unique, authentic voice, rather than teaching you how to write like someone you’re not.

On the other hand, if you want a lifelong relationship with an editor who gets you and is just as committed to your book as you are, let’s schedule some time to talk live. We can chat by phone, text, Skype, G-chat—whatever makes you comfortable. I want to hear all about you and your manuscript.

Sample Speculative Fiction Editing Packages

I am happy to customize a package just for you. Let me know what you need when you contact me.

Please keep in mind, these prices are just a baseline. The actual cost of editing your manuscript will depend on the type and amount of editing needed, your timeframe, and other factors.

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Get started with a free five-page sample edit and manuscript evaluation.

Together, we’ll figure out what your manuscript needs and if I’m the right person for the job. I ask for a sample of your manuscript upfront so I can get a feel for your writing before we chat.

After we decide what type of editing you need, I’ll send you a five-page sample edit to give you a taste of what you’ll get when you hire me.

The conversation and the sample edit are free, no commitment required. Get started by filling out the form here. You can also get answers to frequently asked questions on the book editing process page.

*Or almost exclusively—on rare occasions, I will edit books in other genres for existing clients and referrals.