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How to Succeed in Kindle Scout Without Really Trying

July 8, 2017

How to Succeed in Kindle Scout Without Really Trying

Today, I’m back with part two of my interview with Rita Stradling. (Part one is here.) We discuss the Kindle Scout program, which is kind of a crowd-sourced way to get your book published by an Amazon imprint—or, at least, that’s how they sell it.

Rita talks about things she didn’t know about the program before she won, what exactly the program entails, and how she did (or did not) promote her Kindle Scout campaign. It’s a great listen for anyone curious about what goes on behind the scenes of Amazon’s publishing as well as authors considering publishing through any Amazon imprint.

If you have any questions after listening, drop them in the comments and I’ll forward them to Rita.

As always, there’s also a transcript below the jump.

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How to Recognize Racism & 12 Other Articles You Need to Read

February 1, 2017


How to Recognize Racism and 12 Other Articles You Need to Read

The month-end roundup is a list of all the works that enlightened me, challenged me, and made me laugh this month. It includes books, articles, and social media posts that might be relevant to my audience.

If you blog about books, writing, or self-publishing and would like a chance to be included in next month’s roundup, email me links to the coolest articles you publish next month. I can’t guarantee I’ll include them, but I read everything I receive.

This month, the roundup links fit into three categories: Writing, publishing, and reading. I listed them in alphabetical order by title.

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